All You Need To Know About Crypto Fees. |

Pretty sure you’ve heard about how cryptocurrencies are a better finance system when compared to the traditional ones. You’ve heard things like, it’s faster, cheaper and safer (because it is decentralized).

And now you are wondering, What does it cost to trade these cryptocurrencies? We will be looking at Bitcoin transaction fees in this case. Since it is the most popular and largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

What is a trading fee?

Apart from the market price of bitcoin, each exchange charges their clients a sort of commission for using their services in the crypto space.

These fees include Maker which adds to the order…

A central American country El Salvador is looking to make a law that recognizes Bitcoin in the same way as the US Dollars. This may be the first country in the world to accept bitcoin as legal tender.

On Saturday, 5th of June 2021 at the Bitcoin conference held in Miami, Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador announced that he was looking to introduce legislation that will recognize the cryptocurrency the same way as the US dollar, which the country currently uses.

Nayib Bukele, 39, said in a prerecorded address to Bitcoin 2021 said “Next week I will send to…

How To Diversify Your Crypto Portfolio.

Cryptocurrency has come a long way, and according to Coinmarketcap, there are now over 5,300 currencies under the digital coin umbrella. Although only the top 20 are considered the most tradeable and make up the bulk of the market, this massive adoption and population speak volumes about the state of crypto.

So, if you want to or already have invested in cryptocurrency, one of the best things you can do would be to diversify your portfolio. The success or downfall of your crypto investment may be hinged on your diversification strategy. …

Five Crypto Coins That Sound Like They were Launched By Superheroes. |

Having read the title of this article, you are probably wondering about how cryptocurrencies and possibly superheroes are named.

Well, just like SuperHeroes, some crypto coins have names you might consider to be cheesy. But imagine a world where superheroes were real and they LOVE Cryptocurrency. It is safe to assume that each superhero would want a cryptocoin named after them. Possibly just so they can say I have my cryptocurrency.

BUT, we’ve managed to curate a list of crypto coins whose names are guaranteed to give you a dopamine boost!

Let’s dive in.


T of our list…

Encryption VS Cryptography. |

Although popularly used conversely, the terms Encryption and Cryptography are not entirely the same.

Secure communication in the presence of malicious third parties can be using certain techniques. These techniques are known as Cryptography.

Cryptography is a two-part scientific protocol of concealing messages using secret codes. And cryptanalysis consists of the techniques to break them. The objective of cryptography is to provide methods to secure information and communications through encryption and related techniques.


Encryption is a fundamental application of cryptography that encodes a message with an algorithm. …

What Is Dollar Cost Averaging? |

Entering the crypto market is tricky for many new entrants. One of many reasons is the highly volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, which makes market movement unpredictable.

The good thing is there are several strategies proven to minimize the risk involved in crypto trading. One such of such is dollar-cost averaging (DCA), which helps to build wealth over time. In essence, dollar-cost averaging is a suitable investment strategy for beginners or individuals who do not want to burden themselves with the technical aspect of market analysis.

Not entirely sure how this helps? Continue reading to know more about this strategy and…

A Brief History On Tether. |

Tether is an open-source, peer-to-peer blockchain-based digital currency with roots in the U.S. The blockchain protects the system from being overtaken by a single entity.

There are several variations of the tether token, in theory, tied to fiat currencies which are;

The U.S. dollar Tether — USDT — tied to the U.S Dollar

The Chinese-Yuan Tether — CYT — tied to the Chinese Yuan.

The Euro Tether — EURT — tied to the Euro

The Gold Tether — XAUT — tied to one ounce of gold per token.

As a result, Tether is a stablecoin, different from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin

A reserve asset is an asset held by a government monetary authority and for which there is an international demand.

Typically, reserve assets consist of commodities (like gold or other precious metals) and liquid currencies (like the U.S. dollar). Which is redeemable for international purchases of goods and services.

Reserve assets facilitate trade between countries by guaranteeing the settlement of payments for goods and services in a form that keeps its value across borders.

Understanding Reserve Assets

A reserve asset must be readily available to monetary authorities and be an external physical asset that is, in some measure, controlled by policymakers and easily…

Crazy BTC Transactions You Didn’t Know About. |

There’s nothing particularly special about a bitcoin transaction. Every day, 300,000 of them occur on the BTC networks without fireworks. But occasionally, a perfunctory transaction will attain historical relevance. These transfers can be viewed in any blockchain explorer, where they have been immortalized by the public ledger and mythologized by the public.

Bitcoin History Begins on the Blockchain

All bitcoin transactions are equal before miners, provided there’s a sufficient fee attached. It makes no difference to them who the sender or recipient may be or how many BTC are transferred.

It’s when we apply hindsight and context that significance is…

Why We Call Our Customers Chief |

Everyone was gathered under the mango tree, waiting for the King and his Kingsmen to return from the hut beside the Palace where they’ve gone to deliberate on how the community was going to appoint a new Chief.

The previous Chiefs come out adorned, some with colorful feathers on their beautiful red caps, others in fully embroidered agbada, and another group wrapped in silky turbans and overflowing dashikis.

What it means to be called ‘Chief’ in these parts entail a certain exclusivity and poise only seen in individuals with well-spoken character and great wisdom, so much so that they have…

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