Bank On Patricia |

Bank on Patricia |

As Bitcoin continues to rise in popularity and acceptance globally, wallet companies continue to

employ innovative technology to secure the transactions and balances of their users. Patricia is at the helm of Bitcoin trading in Africa and has implemented processes to protect user accounts on her platform.

Patricia, a digital asset brand, that partners with financial institutions for payments transactions has been mandated by the financial regulatory bodies to ensure the use of identification documents as a mandatory and essential means of identifying her customers.

In our commitment to meeting the needs of all customers carrying out the different services we offer, we require the upload of government-issued documents as part of our KYC (Know Your Client) verification process. Which includes the following:

Email Verification: which entitles you to make a withdrawal and other transactions of 1,000 (Per time) and 1,000 (Per day). Also, to authorize transactions and personal information change, a one-time password (OTPs) will be sent to your registered email address as a 2nd level verification.

BVN Verification entitles you to make withdrawals and other transactions as high as 500,000 (Per time) and 2,000,000 (Per day). (Then you put the reason why we need customers BVN)

Government-Issued ID: which enables you to withdraw and carry out other transactions as high as 2,000,000 (Per time) & 5,000,000 (Per day).

Proof of life selfie is used in ID Validation and Authentication, this ascertains that the account is owned by a real person, and not a bot. This helps us identify, eliminate, or consolidate duplicate or fraudulent customer profiles through face recognition. Hence, create a trusted customer ecosystem by ensuring each customer profile is unique.

Two-step verification.

Is a higher-level security process, put in place to protect your information and resources when making third-party payments. This means you have to provide a password and a security token, which will be sent to your registered email and phone number to enable you to authorize your transactions.

Basically, if you’re diligent about keeping your Patricia password different from your other passwords and also avoid clicking on any email or web links that don’t seem genuine (ask Patricia if you’re unsure), your chances of having a safe and enjoyable user experience on the platform are solid.

Follow the steps mentioned above to secure your Patricia experience.

Patricia Technologies Limited is a fintech company that trades bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.