Business as usual for crypto companies despite the CBN restrictions

Business as usual for crypto companies despite the CBN restrictions |

At the beginning of the year, The Central Bank of Nigeria issued a ban on cryptocurrency trades in Nigeria. After the directive was given, there was an effect on the trade volume of bitcoin and altcoin, but that didn’t last long, as alternative Peer-to-Peer payment solutions were immediately created to deal with the ensuing issue.

You might say that the CBN directive boosted trades for companies dealing with cryptocurrency.

In the wake of the CBN restrictions, many fraudulent accounts have surfaced to lure customers with false information and trade offers in order to scam them of their money.

Patricia is still in business

The Patricia app and website are still fully functional, with trades still ongoing. The P2P system still works to make P2P withdrawals possible.

Watch this video on how peer-to-peer works on the Patricia website.

We still encourage traders to trade, buy and sell their crypto assets in various ways, and we have introduced more ways for you to trade your Bitcoin with ease.

Peer to Peer Exchange

You can use Patricia’s peer-to-peer system for safe and secure BTC transactions. Apart from being safe and secure, the p2p system is also a faster way to facilitate crypto trades between you and other traders.

To better serve customers and focus on the increasing crypto market, Patricia has moved her non-crypto services to Glover, an exchange platform that gives you value on your Giftcards trade, Airtime to Cash, and Top-up services.

These are more ways you can trade your Bitcoin

Giftcard trades with Bitcoin

With Glover now a stand-alone entity, you can trade your Giftcards seamlessly. There’s so much you can do with Giftcards. You can give a gift to someone special, you can also sell your unused Giftcards to Glover.

You can convert your Bitcoin into Giftcards, thereby enabling customers to shop from their favorite online stores.

Airtime Refill

You can also use your BTC to pay for airtime, data, DSTV/ GOTV subscriptions as well as utility bills.

Patricia Business

Patricia Business offers opportunities for local businesses to trade seamlessly across borders without restrictions.

According to the definition, Patricia Business “is a bitcoin payment gateway that allows traders, merchants, and business owners across the country to receive bitcoin payments from their customers.”

Tell us your views on other legitimate ways people can trade their Bitcoin.

Patricia Technologies Limited is a fintech company that trades bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.