Encryption VS Cryptography.

Encryption VS Cryptography. | mypatricia.co

Although popularly used conversely, the terms Encryption and Cryptography are not entirely the same.

Secure communication in the presence of malicious third parties can be using certain techniques. These techniques are known as Cryptography.

Cryptography is a two-part scientific protocol of concealing messages using secret codes. And cryptanalysis consists of the techniques to break them. The objective of cryptography is to provide methods to secure information and communications through encryption and related techniques.


Encryption is a fundamental application of cryptography that encodes a message with an algorithm. Encryption uses an algorithm to encrypt the data and a secret key to decrypt it.

So, cryptography is the study of concepts like encryption, whereas encryption is a technique used to conceal messages using algorithms.

Key Differences Between Cryptography and Encryption

Cryptography can be considered a field of study, which encompasses many techniques and technologies, whereas encryption is more mathematical and algorithmic.

But, let us discuss some of the major difference:

Encryption VS Cryptography. | mypatricia.co

Closing Nuggets.

Cryptography is the art of concealing messages, that is, it is the science of protecting information and communications using secret codes through encryption and related processes.

Encryption is used to achieve cryptography that makes data incomprehensible to ensure its confidentiality. It is one of the subsets of cryptography that uses mathematical algorithms and a key to encode sensitive data or information and decode it. It uses an algorithm to encrypt the data and a secret key to decrypt it.

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