Five Cryptocurrencies You Didn’t Know Exist.

Five Cryptocurrencies You Didn’t Know Exist.|

If you think that the popular BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, LITECOIN, etc are the only crypto coins in existence, then you need to have a rethink. The truth is this, as the concept of cryptocurrency continues to increase in global acceptance more crypto coins are being launched daily.

In this article, we bring to your knowledge five cryptocurrencies you and no idea of their existence until you clicked the link to this article and you are now reading about them.

Defi For You (DFY)

If you are a die-hard Wizkid fan you are probably humming the familiar tune and thinking this was created by a group of geeks who happen to be members of the Wizkid FC. Sorry to disappoint you, but, this has nothing to do with Wizkid nor his music. Launched about a week ago, this crypto coin is a new decentralized P2P loan economy and the first-ever P2P NFT trading platform built on the Binance Smart Chain, powered by the $DFY smart contract token.


I know what you are thinking of and the answer is no, Elon Musk didn’t launch his crypto coin yet, neither is this a disguise for a crypto coin launched by him. (at least not that we know of)

Surprisingly, ElonGate is a frictionless Yield & Liquidity Generation Token, where a 10% transaction fee rewards holders and donates significant sums to charity. Every 14 days funds are extracted and donated to a charity the community chooses.

Guarded Ether (GETH)

This isn’t a wrapped ethereum (as the name might have suggested to you). Guarded Ethers ($GETH) are ERC20 tokens issued by Guarda Wallet. The tokens are sent by Guarda’s smart contract to those who stake their ETH to Guarda’s ETH staking pool. Users will receive GETH in a 1:1 ratio to ETH for their staked ETH and as staking rewards. Once the ETH 2.0 chain is completely launched users will be able to exchange GETH tokens for ETH. Also, users will have an opportunity to trade GETH on DeFi exchanges.

Dark Matter (DMT)

The Dark Matter ecosystem enables people to create interlinked projects while allowing each project to regain full autonomy and independence. The separate projects on the Dark Matter network don’t have to rely on each other, but if they make a profit, the revenue is distributed to all Dark Matter Token liquidity providers. It’s a simple way to incentivize creativity and exploring new possibilities of blockchain technology.

A large number of the projects created in the Dark Matter ecosystem explore the idea of Non-Fungible Tokens. NFTs are currently one of the few popular solutions which successfully combine blockchain technology with the creative freedom of art.

Secure Pad (SEPA)

Secure Pad aims to be the go-to launchpad for new projects, pairing Founders with other skilled industry participants in the crypto space. Founders can fill the missing roles that will take their vision from idea to finished product. Secure Pad will be a network connecting Founders to developers, auditors, designers, marketers, advisors, or any other role a project may need to complete their team, and on the path to success. A one-stop-shop that helps projects plan, hold pre-sale fundraisers, lock liquidity, and launch securely while giving $SEPA token holders early access to IDO’s.

Closing Nuggets.

It is advised that you find which one works best for you to trade-in. This is after you must have made extensive market research before deciding to own any cryptocurrency. Find a reputable exchange company that will enable you to buy, sell, and store your crypto coins.

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