Patricia Technology Grows Beyond Crypto

Patricia Technology Grows Beyond Crypto |

Patricia Technologies is a brand for all cryptocurrency trades. In the last 3 years, the technology-based brand has continued to develop itself beyond the crypto space by developing solutions to customer’s payment problems, some of which include its P2P payment solution. T

The brand has also recently moved its non-crypto products (Giftcards, Airtime to Cash and Refill services) to Glover App.

Patricia’s Bitcoin buy, sell, store and spend services remain seamless on the App and website.

However, Patricia has other products under its wings, which includes:

Hank, the company’s first physical product, is a location-enabled device that is designed to help people find their missing phone, wallet, bags or gadgets at the push of a button.

The Hank device comes in four different looks- Hank Luxury, Adventurer, Candy Floss, and Black Panther to give every user a design that suits their personality.

Patricia business, a cryptocurrency gateway arm of Patricia which was developed with the purpose of expanding the commercial use of Bitcoin beyond Nigeria. This service makes it easy for businesses to receive payments in Bitcoin.

The Double H, a luxury real estate provider for people to indulge in a luxurious getaway.

Glover, which now stands alone and houses Giftcards and other non-crypto services.

Patricia Technologies prides itself on developing convenient, customer-centric products and solutions for the everyday consumer.

When it comes to innovation in Africa, there’s no limit to Patricia’s exploration, as building technologically advanced products and championing cryptocurrency revolution in Africa and beyond, is part of its core.

Patricia Technologies Limited is a fintech company that trades bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.